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Award-winning author Jean Gilbert moved from Virginia, U.S. to New Zealand in 2005, and has since called the Waikato Valley (the Shire) her home. Jean writes both novels and screenplays. Though her first love is science fiction, she has branched into non-fiction with her latest book The Picasso Mirror, a beautifully crafted and profoundly moving memoir about her struggle with Face Blindness.


Jean has teamed up with William Dresden to create the award-winning series Beyond the Wall, a modern YA fantasy, a tale of love, betrayal, and self-discovery. The first two books, Light in My Dark and Light in My Blood, fuel the imagination of young and old readers alike.  Jean’s science fiction novels: Shifters, Ardus, and The Vault from The Vault Agency Series are published by Rogue House Publishing. You can find her short story "Blonde Obsession" in Baby Teeth: Bite Size Tales of Terror published by Paper Road Press, and SJV short story finalist "Pride" in Contact Light Anthology.


In between writing novels, Jean has acquired a love for screenwriting and is actively involved in the craft.  She has worked in close association with Alessi Films, writing screenplays for promotional advertising and television. Jean continues to produce quality scripts in both the streaming media and the movie industry.


Besides working on her projects, Jean loves giving back to the community, especially to the youth, volunteering her time to inspire the next generation of writers. As the head of Young NZ Writers, a non-profit organization, Jean spearheads supporting young writers through the yearly national writing competitions called Write Off-Line and Beyond… for intermediate and secondary students. For more information, visit the website

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