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Offline Online

Authors will go on about the importance of having a social media presence, on how it's the lifeblood of the business. Well, this fact is nothing new to me. When I first started out on the venture of publishing, I did all that social media had demanded. A website. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. For someone who's more of an introvert, and believe it or not, not savvy with words, setting up an online presence was quite daunting. I did it, though, muddling through with the help of some tech friends.(Thank you, guys. You know who you are.)

Voila! I was born online!

Jean Gilbert -Author.

Do you think I could do a simple blog? No! Every blog turned into an article like I was writing for a science magazine. Every word was fastidiously thought out. Every idea was executed with extreme care. This applied for any posts on Facebook and Twitter, too. To say the least, it was mentally exhausting! So, I gave up on the blogging, only posting special events and news. Not a very entertaining read.

However, something made me rethink the whole process.

"What was that, Jean?"

I lost my webpage.

Horror of horrors! Yes, another social media disaster. Nonetheless, after much moaning and fussing, I sat down and redesigned a new webpage. While I was gathering artwork, bios and such, it made me realize that I was missing out on a great opportunity to connect with my growing readers.

Now that I'm back 'online,' I will venture forth with renewed determination to make this work. No, I won't be as witty or as clever as before. But it will still be me and that is a unique thing.

I look forward to connecting with you. I hope you will feel the same.

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